The Pre-Primary Wing of SLV School, has Nursery and Kindergarten classes.

‘The innovative curriculum for the Pre-Primary’  is in use with the objective of reinforcing values, concepts, ideas, skills and activities.

We follow the schedule and programmes with a fair amount of flexibility. Changes are made from time to time as demanded by the environment and the emerging situations in the classroom.

The students are graded regularly on the basis of participation and performance in class activities.

Areas of growth and development: Physical, Language, Personal, Emotional, Social, Intellectual/ Cognitive, Aesthetic Development, etc.



Kindergarten Curriculum




Education at SLV is an integrated process with a flexible curriculum that takes into account the heterogeneity of the learner and learning styles. Emphasis is laid on acquiring linguistic & logical ability and nurturing multiple intelligences by adopting innovative methods to stimulate interest and attention among the students. This opens up pathways to a holistic and harmonious development of the young learners







  • Activity Based: Child-friendly activities
  • Creative Art & Craft activities
  • Learn With fun: Use of Sensory Path
  • Songs, Rhymes
  • Excursions
  • Outdoor activities: Games, swings, Ball Pool
  • Stage activities: Dancing, Enacting, Rhymes, Skits