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                                                                           Job Description


  • Maintain high expectations for students’ academic achievement and conduct
  •  Plan, implement, and execute engaging and rigorous units and daily standards-based lessons to ensure that all students master the required content
  • Develop and administer a variety of formal and informal assessments to measure students’ growth and mastery and to evaluate and refine instruction
  • Model and teach our PRICE of Success values: Perseverance & Purpose, Responsibility & Respect, Integrity & Initiative, Curiosity & Community, and Empathy & Excellence
  •  Reinforce school-wide rules and expectations
  • Implement warm-strict classroom management techniques
  •  Collaborate closely with fellow teachers and other staff members
  • Differentiate instruction effectively to meet the individual needs of students 
  • Identify students who are academically at risk and initiate effective intervention strategies
  • Maintain and enrich subject matter expertise
  • Participate actively in professional development
  • Communicate frequently with parents
  •  Build strong relationships with students, staff, and families
  •  Perform other duties as assigned




  • Lovable and caring teachers who believe in students not just their marks.
  •  Strong belief that all students can succeed
  •  Critical thinker and problem-solver
  •  Collaborative team player
  • Willingness to engage in frequent dialogue and to be self-reflective with regard to teaching practices
  •  Commitment to analyzing student data to push student achievement forward
  • Ability to work with a variety of learning abilities and differentiate for those students with special needs and English Learners
  •  Successful classroom manager who firmly believes that a structured environment and high behavioral expectations for all students lead to student achievement



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